All The Tournament Winners!

For several years now, Goodman Games has been running tournaments at conventions across the country. Gen Con has seen the lion’s share of these events, but we’ve slowly expanded to other shows to allow more people a chance to prove their mettle in the ultimate arena of role-playing talent.

We’ve had folks dealing with everything from Beer Golems to Black Hearts, and even a chance to prove themselves The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar. Each and every time one person or team has proven themselves to be the best. To rise to the occasion and emerge victorious.

This then is the list of those individuals. The brave, the mighty…the winners. We present to you our list of champions!

Gen Con 2022 Team Tournament – Return to the Starless Sea Champions

Our return to in-person gaming at Gen Con was our largest tournament on record, with 198 players across 47 teams! Over the course of three days and two hard-fought rounds, over a thousand gongfarmers fell to the deadly traps, chaotic combat, and multiple paths that made up this year’s adventure, and a number of teams were wiped out in TPKs before team I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee for This! emerged as the champions. Congratulations to Jan Pierskalla, Mike Kenyon, Roger Penny, Chris Dissette, and Tom Colley.

The Peon Knights, 2020 DCC RPG Team Tournament Champions, during round 1

Online Tournament Champions 2020-2021

The world may have been shut down — but gamers got to game! Over a series of online conventions, Goodman Games took the fun of DCC Tournament gaming into the virtual space starting in 2020.

The Peon Knights took the top spot in Bride of the Cyclops Con‘s Return to the Starless Sea team tournament: congratulations to Andy Chandler, Steven Danielson, Steve Dodge, Landon Kanillopoolos, and Travis Michael Rapp. Also, emerging victorious from The Slave Pits of Agharta during Bride Online was Joe Colistro, who took the top spot in this Battle Royale style tourney. Returning to the Pits just a few months later for 2021’s Spawn of the Cyclops Con, Joe would share the top spot with Jon Lehman, in a brutal nail-biting showdown resulting in a draw.

All of this online gaming was kicked-off by our first virtual tourney at DCC Days Online 2020. The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar thwarted teams left and right with devilish puzzles and nasty traps, until only team Puttin’ on the Fritz remained: Gary D McBride, Kris Vezner, Steven Danielson, Geoff Knox, and Keith Haddad — congratulations winners!

Gen Con 2019 Team Tournament—The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar Champions

At Gen Con 2019 teams competed to prove themselves on the harsh streets of Lankhmar, and ultimately the four members of team Oh, God! came out victorious. Let’s congratulate Jim Batka, Mathew Batka, Joe Batka, and Jason Cefaratti.

Origins 2019 Team Tournament—The Riders on the Phlogiston Champions

Riders on the Phlogiston was the DCC tournament for Origins 2019, the first official DCC RPG tournament for that show. Pictured above are tournament winners from the cleverly named Team Three. Left to Right: Nema Bezak, Tom Gintner, Dan Kennedy, Jeff Goad (judge), Ivan Thomas, Matt Snodgrass, and Michael Bolam (judge).


Gen Con 2018 Team Tournament—The Riders on the Phlogiston Champions

Winners, contenders, and judges from the 2018 Gen Con DCC Open Tournament, Riders on the Phlogiston. Left to right, including team designations for winning team Hammertoes (H) and runners-up Lords of Sarcasm (LoS): Michael Bolam (judge), Nate Garth (LoS), Patrick Biddix (LoS), Fred Daily (LoS), Jason Riddell (LoS), David York (LoS), Ken Burnette (LoS), Martin Bruinicki (H), Will Bruinicki (H), Rob Swanson (H), Hayden Hodge (H), Lance Hodge (H), Tim Deschene (judge), Jack Bruinicki (H).


Gen Con 2018 Team Tournament—The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying Champions

Winners and runners-up of The 2017 Gen Con Open Tournament, The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying. Left to right: Mike Markey, Joe Moore, Heath Perkins, Silas Moore, Dana Johnson (crouching), Emily Mundy, Jason Stierle.

The 2016 Gen Con Spell Duel Tournament Champion

Winner of The 2016 Gen Con Spell Duel Tournament, Way of the Dagon: Silas Moore.

The 2016 Gen Con DCC Funnel Champion

Winner of The 2016 Gen Con Funnel Tournament, Carnival of the Damned: John F. Watson

The 2016 Gen Con Warlord of the Purple Planet Champion

Winner of The 2016 Gen Con Warlord of the Purple Planet Tournament: Daniel “Son-Slayer” Carlson. Runner-up (not pictured): Connor Skach.

The 2016 Gen Con MCC Funnel Champion

Winner of The 2016 MCC Funnel Tournament: Connor Skach. Runners-up (not pictured): Jesse Pittman and Haley Skach.

The 2015 Gen Con Spell Duel Tournament Champions

Finalists in The 2015 Gen Con Spell Duel Tournament, Enter the Dagon. Left to right: Nita Bittman, Connor Skach, Aaeon Koelman, winner Mike Markey, and judge Harley Stroh.

The 2015 Anaheim Crawl Xcrawl Champions

Champions in The Anaheim Crawl Xcrawl Tournament. Top row, left to right: Alex Kanous, Christian Vaneck, Francois Labrecque. Bottom row, left to right: Brendan LaSalle, Don Comfort, Steven Yap, Marceille Henby.

The 2015 Gen Con DCC Funnel Champion

Winners of The 2015 Gen Con Funnel Tournament, Death by Nexus: Jason Stierle (awarded the championship belt) and second-place finisher Haley Skach.

Congratulations to all of our winners! All of you are amazing folks, and we are proud to include you in the Goodman Games Hall of Fame!*

*note: There is no Goodman Games Hall of Fame. Not yet, anyway. That would be cool, though, wouldn’t it? If there were, all of these people would definitely be in it. 

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