Support The DCC “Two Old Guys Games Goes to Print” Third-Party Kickstarter

This is not a Kickstarter for a product. It’s a campaign for a full line of products!

Two Old Guys Games have produced a bevy of products, including the popular Sinking the Stercorarius adventure, but most of those releases have been digital only. This new Kickstarter is looking to correct that issue.

You can pledge to bring the entire catalog of Two Old Guys Games books into print, and they even plan to throw in all-new cover artwork for them to boot! It’s a total of ten books of material that are waiting to find a home on our bookshelf.

Here’s some info straight from the Kickstarter:

With this Kickstarter project comes updates to most adventures. We’ll reveal some of that as we move along. Some stretch goals will also impact what’s inside.

So, what are these 10 products we’ve published, you ask? Here’s the list

  • Sinking the Stercorarius Deluxe Edition (That project’s stretch goals in a printed book and the original adventure book) 40 pages in the original book. Deluxe Edition add-ons still TBD but at least another 6 pages. 
  • Ziggurat of the Mega-Maiden (with Blackest Night variant) 12 pages minimum. 
  • Village of Death (Updated) 8 pages minimum 
  • Duel of the Elements (Updated) 8 pages minimum 
  • Adventure #3 in Sea Lich Series (NEW!!)  8 pages minimum 
  • Rules of Engagement (expanded edition, Fast Canon Combat for Any Game) 8-10 pages 
  • Let’s Be Bad Guys: Pirates (updated edition, Make a plan, steal a ship, be Pirates!)17+ pages 
  • Lost Halls of Scarnascis (DCC and 5e complete in one book) 38+ pages though some might get combined. They’re 20 pages each right now. 
  • Ziggurat of the Megaton-Maiden (NEW!! An MCC Maidenverse Adventure) 8+ pages (TBD) 
  • Who’s Afraid of a Game of Tag? (New-ish!! Featuring the unstoppable T’Ratsk!) 8+ pages (TBD) 

So head on over and support the Two Old Guys Games Goes to Print Kickstarter! They’ve got a lot to offer, and you only have a limited time to participate!

Author: pandabrett

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