PDF Previews of New Third-Party DCC Releases

We’ve got a slate of free previews for you this week!

With eight new releases in our online store this week, we certainly had a wealth of material to share. We picked four of the books and have crafted a tasting menu for you that whets your appetite for a larger meal.

So check out the four free previews below, and then grab the full books over in our online store!

Librum Draconis – Print + PDF

Here there be dragons! Twelve unique dragons are presented with details of their associated lore and adventure ideas.

In all the breadth of the scattered realms of the world, in all the variety of peoples, cultures, climates, and languages, there are very few things that produce as much awe as that most majestic of beings – the dragon. These magnificent, noble creatures inspire a unique mixture of fear and reverence that is unparalleled.

Contained in this volume are details regarding 12 dragons – information that makes each one a unique entity. Each dragon has its own associated lore and its particular style of treasure hoard. Each dragon’s chapter also includes adventure hook ideas for making use of that dragon in an adventure or campaign.

This supplement is designed for use with the Pax Lexque campaign world but may be injected into any campaign setting.

TS#1: The Inn in the Forest – Print + PDF

A Level 1-2 time traveling horror adventure for DCC RPG by Daniel J. Bishop

Evil lurks at the crossroads of time!

The slumbering forest god has awoken, seeking to return the world to before the age of dwarf, elf, and man. Blood sacrifices are demanded, and those foolish enough to travel the forest roads and seek shelter within the seemingly abandoned inn are easy prey.

Only the brave or foolhardy have a chance to stop the innkeeper and his family as they stalk the players across the past, present, and future, unlocking the bloody history of The Inn in the Forest while attempting to avert their doom, and all those that walk on two legs.

This 60-page adventure is packed with:

  • 28 new creatures
  • 12 new pregen characters (6 level 1 and 6 level 2)
  • 11 new magic items
  • 5 new pieces of equipment
  • 3 new spells
  • 3 new rituals
  • 1 new patron
  • new “phantom shift” rules for time travel

And all of these are formatted as appendices for easy inclusion in your own adventures!

Please note: due to the trimming process by the printer, all covers have small scuffs at the corners of the spine. These are usually no bigger than 1-2mm.

Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt – Print + PDF

Deltos and Voltor wage war, in this setting inspired by the Golden Age comics of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby!

Board your akashic titan and soar across the Bands to the Inner World, where the subterranean kingdoms of Deltos and Voltor wage an eternal war. Based on the Golden Age comics by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, this 78-page volume, written and illustrated by Leighton Connor and Joshua LH Burnett, brings to life the war between the heroic general Blue Bolt and the beautiful-but-wicked Green Sorceress and her high-tech Green Empire, in a setting filled with magic, ray guns, dragons, mutants, gangsters, and romance.

This book includes an overview of the akashic titans and the Bands; the history and culture of Deltos and Voltor, including random tables and NPCs; stats for the para-gun, the lightning pistol, the armored rocket car, Lifto Discs, vitala reflectors, and the unpredictable Compound-N; new monsters, like the Croco-Tiger, the Floom, and the Voltorion Dragon; resources for the Judge, including story hooks; a new character class, the Akashic Engineer; and much more! 

The Island of Lost Souls Vol 1-4

Welcome to the Island of Lost Souls!

Volumes 1 and 2 provide information about the Island and its denizens, giving judges the nightmare fuel they need to run a complete sandbox campaign. This volume provides custom character generation rules for the setting and covers the geography and history of the Island, the Law of the Island, and details several key locations.

Author: pandabrett

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