Announcing “Van On The Run” Exclusive Road Crew Adventure

Being a member of the Goodman Games Road Crew certainly has its perks. Things like free swag, Road Crew Rallys, exclusive modules that are only available to Road Crew members, the big Road Crew Game Day experience, and…wait, can we go back one?

That’s right! Goodman Games will be printing an exclusive adventure module ONLY available to members of the Road Crew! Van on the Run is the new adventure by Terry Olson meant for 1st level characters for DCC RPG.

The adventure will be released in October as a free PDF, and Road Crew members will also be able to pre-order a print version of it at that time. The module will not be available to anyone outside the Road Crew.

And if you want to be a part of this, it’s not too late to join up with the Road Crew! We’ve got all the details over on the Road Crew page, and it’s easy to become one of the crew! Sign up today!

Right now, let’s look at the details on the upcoming Van on the Run adventure module!

Ancient dragonscale tomes chronicle a vehicle of astral origin, driven by the sorcerous, jumping through labyrinthine time-light, spawning beings of pure energy, and challenging gods. Could this be it, sitting wrecked before you?

Inside, a dangling, shrunken hag’s head shrieks, “LIVE DRIVER REQUIRED!” A wasteland awaits, where you must carve through the dreaded croc-ti to rescue the demon who can fix your ride. Only then can you fly your arcane chariot to conquer the gargantuan Crocndoom and prove your mastery of the van on the run!

Author: pandabrett

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