Thank You To The Road Crew Advisory Council!

By the fans, for the fans — it’s the Road Crew Advisory Council!

About a year ago, we announced the creation of the Road Crew Advisory Council. A group of community members who would help shape what was happening with the Road Crew on all levels. And we have to say that their input has been invaluable.

So, we wanted to start off by thanking the members of the 2022 Road Crew Advisory Council:

  • Sarah Brown
  • Cory Gahsman
  • Christian Ovsenik
  • Ed Stanek

Your efforts have made a huge difference and your suggestions that were integrated into this year’s Road Crew and will also appear in next year’s helped to shape what we consider the best fan-powered demo team in the industry!

And now… We are looking for nominations for the 2023 Road Crew Council! If you know a Road Crew member with vision, creativity, and the odd weekday night free, please send nominations to Judge Brendan. We are recruiting a new slate of representatives, to continue the tradition set by the inaugural team. We want to hear YOUR feedback, so get in touch if you’d like to join the 2022 road crew advisory council!

Let’s make the 2023 Road Crew the best it’s ever been!

Author: pandabrett

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