Order “Conspiracy of Ravens” For a Chance at a Special Rarity

We don’t know how much you know about the printing process, but it’s not a simple “send a file, get a book” production. There’s an approval process and much more involved.

Part of that process involves getting what is called a printer proof, a sample printing for the publisher to approve. These are versions that are usually not seen by the public as a whole. Usually…

Matt Robertson—aka Judge GrapeApe—is the creative force behind A Conspiracy of Ravens, the horror-themed third-party adventure for DCC RPG, sent us a surprise in his recent restock of the book for our online store. Namely, a foil copy of the book and a printer-proof edition! And these two editions will randomly be pulled for normal orders of the adventure!

A Conspriacy of Ravens Foil Edition
A Conspiracy of Ravens Printer’s Proof

One lucky customer will get a foil cover upgrade at no additional cost and another customer who passes their Luck check will get a copy with an uncut printer proof cover inserted. This will be only the second proof cover in circulation, as the first one recently sold for $300 at the Aaron Koelman charity auction!

You cannot order them directly. They will randomly be pulled for standard orders of A Conspiracy of Ravens in place of the normal cover.

Get your order in now and Good Luck!

A Conspiracy of Ravens is a 36-page town-based DCC horror adventure for 0-level or 1st level characters.

A sinister blood fog surrounds the quiet town of Meadhan. Dark forms lurk in shadowy depths, innocent children turn into vicious winged beasts, and entranced villagers are being slaughtered on a giant instrument of death.

A Conspiracy of Ravens is a horror adventure town crawl that will challenge the players to use their wits, strength, and everything in between. Will you be able to survive the deceptive encounters and deadly creatures to save your friends and family?

Author: pandabrett

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