Support The DCC “Unnatural Selections” Third-Party Kickstarter

As the song says, “You cannot go against nature, because when you do…that’s part of nature, too.” Still, there are some things that push those boundaries.

Unnatural Selections is the new Kickstarter from Dandyline Games for Mutant Crawl Classics (and by extension, Dungeon Crawl Classics) and it brings dozens of monsters for your campaign—with plans for expansion! This new beast book will come in a three-ring binder so that you can organize and expand the monsters provided as you see fit. And speaking of expanding, there are more monsters that can be added with stretch goals, so exactly how many creatures end up inside the binder is up to you!

And the binder itself is something special, too, with static cling stickers provided so you can create the cover you want!

Here’s some info straight from the Kickstarter:

So head on over to Kickstarter and support Unnatural Selections! It’s the natural thing to to…

Author: pandabrett

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