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Award-winning and fan-favorite writer Marzio Muscedere—author of such popular adventures as Star Wound of Abaddon, The Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen, and The Doom That Came to Christmas Town—has launched a new Kickstarter for his massive new DCC RPG adventure, The Shadows About Hope!

The Shadows About Hope is a 100+ page volume that can be used as a stand-alone adventure for characters of level 1 or 2 or the basis of a mini-campaign that will take players from level 0 to level 2. The book has everything from an adventure, to a new character class, to a new Patron, and much more!

Here’s some info straight from the Kickstarter:

Tasked with leading a daring rescue mission, the PCs must trek through an unforgiving and primeval forest known as The Shadows. Therein, deep within the darkest corners and dimmest mist they must contend with the savage Vulture Clan Brule; unlock the mysteries of a lost race of elder world beings; recover an alien artifact of immeasurable power; and thwart the sinister machinations of a hidden cult determined to bring the world to its knees – if they plan to return with the captured girl and their very lives.

Part hex crawl, part dungeon delve, part investigative mystery, this adventure is inspired by the works of Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and others. Devoted aficionados of Appendix N material will recognize many classic pulp fantasy tropes within; elder world sorcery, eldritch abominations, lost civilizations, and the eternal struggle between barbarism and civilization. Readers will find no orcs or goblins here. This is a land of maddening horrors and forgotten sorcery, where eldritch gods stir from the slumber of moon-cursed dreams and squamous shapes coil in the dark and silent places of the world.

Designed for sword and sorcery play in a grim age, judges wishing to do so can easily place this adventure in their own setting and campaign world. The Shadows About Hope is sure to result in multiple gaming sessions of gritty, nonstop adventure!

So head on over to Kickstarter and give The Shadows About Hope some love! A massive adventure awaits!

Author: pandabrett

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