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Studio 9 Games, the folks who brought you such fantastic releases as Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign, A Strange Night at the Pint ‘n’ Pony, 101 City Encounters, and many others are back with an all-new adventure for DCC RPG!

Cathedral of the Undying is a 5th-level adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics that takes your players up to the moment of their death—and beyond. Just because you’ve died, doesn’t mean that you get out of your responsibilities!

Here’s some info straight from the Kickstarter:

The usual excitement of the Blackmoon celebration is amplified by the appearance of a solar eclipse, bringing a larger than usual host of lunar hermits, fanatics and witches eager to sell forecasts, issue omens, or cast harvest futures. The eager participants relish these sacred days when the world of the dead is said to draw closest to the living and whisper messages from the grave. 

On this holiday, the priests of Shul move into the Cathedral of Justicia, creating a shared mystical space. Here, they perform sacred rites to call forth their ancestors, and connect the dead to the living for a brief period of time. For centuries, this has made the unique site all the more powerful.

But this year, agents of the hidden lord used the auspicious confluence to flood the site with necrotic energy, plunging the great cathedral of Justicia into perpetual twilight—not gone, but not existent. 

Among other elements, what makes Cathedral of the Undying stand out as a unique adventure is that PCs will not initially die when killed. A strange necrotic curse brings them back to life, but also a step closer towards becoming a mindless undead! PCs imagining this is a form of invulnerability may soon discover they have permanently joined the creatures of the night.

Cathedral of the Undying is now live and fully funded over on Kickstarter! This is a fantastic way to get in on the ground floor—or crypt, as the case may be—and be a part of the campaign. Head on over to Kickstarter and show them some love today!

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