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Add some Lankhmarese spice to your 5E gaming with Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar, our upcoming release providing Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser-style terror and thaumaturgy for your 5E campaign! With a host of new monsters, spells, and items, Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar brings the unique sword & sorcery aesthetic of Nehwon to your gaming table.

Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar is written by Leiber aficionado Michael Curtis utilizing a depth of research never before seen on a Lankhmar project. An online search turns up a bevy of gaming books set in and around Lankhmar, so you might be wondering what makes Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar any different? The answer is a never-before-seen level of scholarship. Thanks to the generosity of backers who supported a previous Lankhmar project, lead designer Michael Curtis was able to take a week-long trip to the University of Houston to access the Fritz Leiber Papers collection. Much of what he uncovered there had never been seen by anyone working the RPG business. Goodman Games is the first to bring some of this unearthed material straight to the gaming table. Results from this trip demonstrate the level of research and attention to detail you’ll find in Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar

What’s in the book? 

The following Nehwonian Nasties can be found herein:

  • Behemoth
  • Beloved of Tyaa
  • Bleak Shore Executioner
  • Dragon of Nehwon (including customization tables)
  • Fish-Of-The-Air
  • Ghost Hound
  • Ice Gnome
  • Invisibles of Stardock (including Duelist and Noble Wizard variants)
  • Kleshite Ghoul
  • Leviathan
  • Nehwon Ghoul (including Raid Captain variant)
  • Rats of Lankhmar Below (in 2 sizes)
  • Simorgyan (including Noble variant)
  • Simorgyan Manta
  • Snow Serpent
  • Statue of Devourers 
  • War Cat

The following Nehwonian Enchantments can be found herein:

  • Elude
  • Hristomilo’s Strangling Fog
  • Mouse’s Contagion
  • Mouse’s Pain Transference
  • Sheelba of the Eyeless Face’s Great Spell
  • The Snow Woman’s Icy Restraint

The Following Arcane Wonders of Nehwon can be found herein:

  • Blindfold of true seeing
  • Cuirass of mingsward
  • Dart of Emotions
  • Elixir of Ghosts
  • Groin-piece of Gortch
  • Hisvin’s potions
  • Hristomilo’s Ring
  • War cat whistle

The campaign is LIVE! Head on over to Indiegogo and support our latest book for your 5E Lankhmar adventures!

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