Event Schedule for Road Crew Game Day!

Road Crew Game Day is happening on Saturday, September 24th!

This special Road-Crew-only event is designed to celebrate the hardest working team in gaming, giving them a chance to play with some of Goodman Games top creators, Twitch personalities, and community luminaries.

Registration will open up on Monday, September 19th, but until then we figured you might want to see what games will be available to you, so below is the initial schedule of games for Road Crew Game Day! Note that this is just the first schedule, and more games will be added before registration opens up on Monday.

TimeTitleJudgeGame Info
10:00 AMWhen Tolls The Bell of RuinMarzio MuscederePlayers must investigate a mysterious monastery and silence an infernal bell whose toll spreads calamity and doom across the countryside.
10:00 AMThe Weird that Befell DrigboltonTim LoughristSomething fell. A sickly gloaming lit up the night like mock daylight, just for a moment, and then the hills trembled. Now, an alien entity lies brooding in a crater gouged out of the moor. Local folk are enraptured with the toothsome jelly exuded by this being, but are blind to the true nature of the events unfolding in their rustic little backwater.
10:00 AMPlanet CaravanBrendan LaSalleSail through endless skies, where stars shine like eyes and the black night sighs. The war is lost, and now begins the diaspora. But space is forever dangerous, and no outcome ever secure. This is an 4th level play with the designer event.
10:00 AMMCC RPG: Mayhem on the Magtrain: 2nd-level adventureTim SniderIt’s thrills on wheels as the Seekers find themselves trapped aboard a runaway train! The robotic conductor has lost contact with its engineer subroutine, so it falls upon the “stowaways” to stop their out-of-control journey. All that’s standing between them and victory is a train filled with hungry mutant worms, a railcar threatening to jump the tracks, and a sentient AI who refuses to be deactivated! Stow your luggage overhead and buckle up for a wild journey across Terra A.D.!
3:00 PMViva La Dungeon!The Lich“You are one of four zero-level pesants dropped into Level 1 of the Dungeon with nothing but a knife and Luck. And only one of you is getting out alive. Viva La Dungeon is a battle-royale dungeon-crawling dice-throwing game inspired by DCC.
3:00 PMWarlords! PlaytestHarley StrohWarlords! playtest: Please help Harley play test the latest iteration of the DCC tabletop war game. Drive your foes before you and crush your enemies! Expect simple rules and fast resolution mass combat, that relies on more than lucky die rolls. Or maybe it sucks? You tell me!
3:00 PMSecret PlaytestBrendan LaSalleYou have one chance to save the broken world. This is a play with the creator test of a new adventure. 
8:00 PMWhen Tolls The Bell of RuinMarzio MuscederePlayers must investigate a mysterious monastery and silence an infernal bell whose toll spreads calamity and doom across the countryside.
8:00 PMThe Calliope DisasterTim Loughrist“Claxons blare and a tinny voice repeats a message as the lid of your stasis pod opens: ‘*BZZT* I have initiated the self-destruct sequence; twenty-five minutes remain until power core reaches critical. *BZZT* This is a general evacuation order.’ The colony ship Calliope is doomed…and you with it if you can’t make it to the escape pods in time”

And you know what? Sometimes, the best way to celebrate being a member of the Road Crew is by letting you RUN a game. So if you have a special game you’ve been wanting to run, contact Judge Brendan, and maybe you can be running the game for other members of the Road Crew!

Road Crew Game Day is less than two weeks away, so keep watching this space for more info!

Author: pandabrett

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