MCC Softcover Sold Out – New Printing On The Way

The core book is evolving…or is it just…mutating?

Mutant Crawl Classics has sold out in softcover format, but fear not, it is already back at the press, and will soon be in stock once more at your FLGS and our online store!

What’s more, the latest hardcover edition will have a new variant cover by Peter Mullen! This appropriately fantastical imagery conveys the world of Terra A.D. to everyone. And even if you don’t grab the variant cover, the new artwork will be featured as endsheets for the latest printing. (Check out the video below to see Joseph Goodman talking about MCC RPG—including Peter Mullen’s full wraparound artwork—at this year’s Gen Con!)

So fear not, brave Seeker! You shall find another artifact of amazing renown soon! Just in time to begin your journey into the world of Mutant Crawl Classics!

Author: pandabrett

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