A Sit Down With the Magician’s Skull (and Editor) at Gen Con!

Mortal Dogs, tremble at his glory!

Few believed it was possible — and all quaked at the mere thought! Indeed, the Overlord of Sword-and-Sorcery, the Pontifex Maximus of Maximal Pontification, the Voivode of the Vorpal Blade himself, the one-and-only Magician’s Skull, manifested in the physical realm at Gen Con 2022 in, err, approximate human form. With a peel of thunder and the shivering of a gong, a chuff of acrid smoke and the squeal of hapless interns, the Skull emerged from the Goodman Games Ziggurat to dispense Tales From the Magician’s Skull to the yearning masses!

It is a rarity that the Skull appears not only in the flesh, but in relatively good spirits. Only a soul as brave as Joseph Goodman would risk immolation to interview the Tyrant of Thunder-and-Blood himself, and the Gen Con ’22 Cam was on hand to record this historic event.

And, buoyed by news of an extra allotment of gruel, the Skull’s Chief Minion and word-toiler Howard Andrew Jones, Managing Editor of Tales From the Magican’s Skull, was also on hand to give a more coherent, less belligerently dangerous account of the latest from the magazine, Issue 8 of which debuted at the show, as well as hints at what is coming down the pike.

Howard speaks about the very active Gen Con Writer’s Symposium, his mastery of the esoteric writing technologies of pen, pad, and notecard, and the exciting news of a five book hardback deal for Howard’s serial sword-and-sorcery character Hanuvar — news that so pleased the Skull that he tele-remotely filled Howard’s horse-stalls with a fresh and overflowing abundance of rich hotspur! Congrats, Howard!

Stay tuned, Issue 8 is just around the corner . . .

Author: billward

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