Five Third-Party DCC Kickstarters Now Live!

Five times the ‘3-P’ DCC!

There are currently FIVE DCC/MCC third-party campaigns running strong right now as part of Kickstarter’s Zinequest. All month long Kickstarter has been featuring indie designers and publishers as part of their celebration of all things ‘zine’ — wildly inventive work from creators outside the mainstream!

The amount of Goodman Games compatible kickstarters has been extraordinary, and you can see the current crop (as well as some of the recently completed), by heading over to our Current DCC / MCC Third-Party Kickstarters page.

From Ancient Greece’s Underworld to the afterlife of the Nigh-Infinite Tower, from braving gloaming forests of undead trees to going on an post-apocalyptic Recharge Run, this collection of creative ‘zines offer fresh adventures in addition to a grab-bag of imaginative extras to bring them to life. And, all five ‘zines are already fully funded, which makes them not only a sure bet, but a good value when you back them now through kickstarter.

So, what are you waiting for — go check out the latest pack of ingenious designs from the DCC/MCC Third-Party community!

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