New Zinequest Project: Support AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 4: The Halls of Hades Third-Party DCC Release!

Welcome to the Underworld. You clearly did NOT survive the experience…

The newest volume of the AEON series is now up on Kickstarter as a part of ZineQuest 4! Continuing the great series from Sharktopus Games, this new volume takes your characters someplace they’ve never seen before—the Underworld. And trust us, people are just dying to get into that place!

Here’s info direct from the Kickstarter:

Once again, we’ve packed a TON of great gaming content into this volume. Jamming and cramming as much as we could – you’re going to love it!

Volume 4 brings you:

1. A map of the Underworld with descriptions of each of the 18 areas. 

2. How to Travel to the Underworld: Discover the 5 ways PCs can enter the Underworld for an epic adventure and tale worthy of being retold by Homer himself – assuming they return to the land of the living that is…

3. What Happens When We Die? This section explains what happens when a person, a monster, a shade, or even an Immortal dies. This information is based on actual Ancient Greek history that has been uncovered by archeologistS and historians.

4. Denizens of the Underworld: This is a mini-monster manual where you’ll meet the Major and Minor Gods & Goddesses along with the many monsters of the Underworld. Hades… Cerberus… Charon… The Jailor of Tartarus… The 3 Judges of the Dead… even Daemons of Cannibalism, Deception, Misery, Blood, Battle, and much, MUCH more are included in this issue!

5. A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE! The Halls of Hades: This unique adventure was designed to be played either 1 on 1 (Judge and Player) or with multiple players who have had a PC die. 

AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 4: The Halls of Hades is fully funded and far beyond! Get in on the action right now only on Kickstarter!

Author: pandabrett

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