Our Art Show at Gen Con

Did you visit our art show at Gen Con?

We set up a display of some of the classic artwork used in the pages of Goodman Games products at Gen Con on the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium. It was a free exhibit of some of the work that you’ve seen on the pages of our books, with actual, physical artwork on display.

Considering how much art is digital these days this is a big deal. Seeing the physical work is a treat, and something that we enjoy sharing with our fans.

Our plan is to expand the exhibit at future Gen Cons, with more of the artwork on display to share with everyone. It that’s something that you would like to see, let us know! How big we make this is somewhat dependent on what you—our fans—want at the show.

We hope that next year we’ll have a huge display for everyone to enjoy!

Author: pandabrett

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