New In The Online Store: DCC #102 and Moon Mutants #5

This week, things are taking us off world. Not necessarily to another planet, but…moons and other planes of existence are definitely on the menu.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #102: Dweller Between the Worlds is now in stores! You will be able to pick it up at your FLGS and in our own online store if no physical locations are convenient to you. This level 1 adventure by Marc Bruner is a great stand-alone module, or can serve as the launching point for an extra-planer campaign!

And if you are wanting more out-of-this-world excitement, the latest issue of Moon Mutants is now in our online store! This issue contains new classes, a new adventure, and much more!

Let’s look at the details!

Dungeon Crawl Classics #102: Dweller Between the Worlds – Print + PDF

A Level 1 Adventure for DCC RPG

Doom blankets the land as rumors spread of a dire evil rising in the east. For the first time in living memory, the winter snows have arrived before the harvest, bringing with them an unnatural bitter chill, and in taverns and inns travelers whisper of strange creatures emerging from the ancient forest said to leave entire villages standing silent and empty of inhabitants.

Now a call has gone out across the valley to gather the clans to discuss the dark tidings and decide how to oppose this growing threat. As the banners of a dozen chiefs and thanes are raised, the PCs must ready for an uncertain war against an unknowable foe from the spaces between dimensions!

Moon Mutants – Issue #5

Moon Mutants is a zine for DCC RPG continuing the tradition of Crawling Under a Broken Moon.

Moon Mutants issue #5 goes deeper into the dark and twisted lunar underbelly. Readers will be pleased and revolted when they discover Organ Farm V, a medical facility with an un-dead legacy replete with bio-horrors. A new class is introduced: the flesh-weirding Bio-Sorcerer. Cargo vehicles are in this issue, such as freighters and planetoid movers.

This issue is bursting with game-ready material. Monsters, a new medical dungeon adventure, more encounter tables, dungeon survival basics, and introducing the Moonlighters Miscellany, with fan media submissions and transmissions.

Author: pandabrett

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