Returning to the Community of Gen Con DCC

Returning to the Community of Gen Con DCC

by Harley Stroh

Returning to Gen Con was otherworldly.

Was it really only two years? It felt like more like a decade of enchanted slumber. Some of us hadn’t run any in-person games during the Dark Times. Many of our dearest friends and Road Crew were still sheltering in safety. It seemed a world transformed, post-apocalypse. 

Would anyone show up to play the games? And if they did, would they even be able to find us over in the stadium? And how do you keep your voice after running 24+ hours of games in a mask?

It turns out that when you have a Wizard Van, you needn’t worry about people finding you. And the ringing of the Doom Gong burned away all the other anxieties and fears. The zeroes go out, dice hit the table, and suddenly not a day has passed since your last game. As judges, we all know how to do this. It’s in the blood. Call for initiative and game on.

Like sprouts of grass in the wake of a wildfire, this year’s Gen Con saw an unmatched host of new players and judges. Whereas the tournament had long relied on veterans to run the challenging scenarios, this year saw an explosion of new faces, accomplished judges all, ready to bring their best games to Gen Con.

The same was true on the player side of the table. One party of strangers hosted no less than three international players. Repeatedly we heard from players who were attending a convention for the first time. Their unbridled laughter and joy—in both victory and defeat—bore witness to their love of gaming and the unique magic wrought by DCC RPG.

Reflecting on the show, it is impossible not to be excited for what’s next to come. Every player leaves their own mark on the game. Every judge has their own unique vision of what DCC RPG can be. I eagerly look forward to new settings, new classes, and a thousand insane new worlds, created by a thousand new gamers.

To all the judges and players that supported our games from home: We salute you! We hope you can join us again soon. Your presence was dearly missed.

To all the returning gamers: thank you for once again making Goodman Games and DCC RPG a welcome home for every gamer’s imagination and passion. 

And to every fan, new or old, grognard or wide-eyed zero: We can’t wait to run games for you again. Casting dice with you at Gen Con stoked embers that have lain dormant for far too long, and there is still so, so much in store….

See you in the pit, gongfarmer!

Author: pandabrett

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