Last Chance to Support The Ashmore Herald on Kickstarter!

Final Hours!

Fully funded and with all of its stretch goals unlocked, The Ashmore Herald Vol. 1 is the first, and maybe only, issue of a zine depicting a role playing game setting reminiscent of America’s Western Reserve circa 1800.

This single volume zine contains a small town and the NPCs that live there, an entire mini-dungeon that Judges, Dungeon Masters, and Game Masters alike can use for their adventures, including two custom monsters. The dungeon is designed to be quick and easy to drop into your existing games without the need to do much prep work.

It also includes an incredibly simple recipe that you can make to help your table get into the mood!

Rules Compatibility

The Ashmore Herald is designed for use with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, but can easily be used with any other OSR System or with the latest version of The World’s Most Popular RPG.

What’s Inside?

  • 20 pages of Role playing goodness
  • 2-Level Dungeon with maps that can be dropped in to an Ashmore County adventure or your own gaming world
  • recipe you can make for your gaming table
  • Vine Rats!
  • Wonderful Black & White Illustrations
  • Full Color Map of Ashmore County
  • Available as a PDF (with full color maps) or printed in a convenient digest size (5.5″x 8.5″) (with grayscale maps)
  • STL file of the Vine Rat miniature

Stretch Goals!

All stretch goals have been unlocked!

  • $800 (UNLOCKED): Add a map of Ashmore county to the inside front and back cover.  The map will have hexes for those that want to run their games in  Ashmore County.
  •  $1,000 (UNLOCKED): Full Color Maps in the Print version. The two dungeon maps are in that classic blue and white style digitally. If we reach this stretch goal, the print copy will match the colors in the PDF.
  •  $1,500 (UNLOCKED): An STL of the Vine Rat model to print on 3D Printers, sculpted by Portalnik. Portalnik has been working with Isekai Heavy Industries for awhile now, sculpting models for the old On the Lamb game Endless Fantasy: Tactics and recently Portalnik and Isekai Heavy Industries have been making counts-as/proxy models for Atomic Mass Games’ Marvel Crisis Protocol. 

But hurry, the chance to support this amazing third party Zinequest kickstarter from Thomas Sweo and Isekai Heavy Industries ends today!

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