Gen Con 2022 Tournament Statistics

DCC Open 2022 Return to the Starless Sea Tournament Results

At Gen Con 2022, Goodman Games returned in person to run our largest DCC RPG team tournament to date, Return to the Starless Sea. This year’s tournament saw a record 198 players across 47 teams compete in the team funnel tournament format – where five player teams consisted of multiple 0-level PCs controlled by each player. Over the course of three days and two hard-fought rounds, over a thousand gongfarmers fell to the deadly traps, chaotic combat, and multiple paths that made up this year’s adventure, and a number of teams were wiped out in TPKs before team I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee for This! emerged as the champions.

We now present the official tournament stats, including all the judges, rooms and authors that contributed to this year’s amazing event.

Round 1 Results1

Unlike previous years, this year’s adventure was designed such that teams in each flight during Round 1 had a slightly different path through the adventure to reach the center of the restored chaos keep. There are up to five alternative paths that can be taken, making it less likely that teams in Round 1 would experience the same content. Each path includes a different unique encounter in area 1-3, and teams could even choose to ignore the ghostly apparitions guiding them towards the most direct path to the center of the keep to wander off and encounter alternative areas – many to their own peril!

Each path into the keep is roughly mathematically equivalent and therefore fair in a tournament environment. Even so, at Gen Con, teams were competing only with other teams in the same flight for the top spot to guarantee advancement, ensuring that results were not being compared across flight. Below are the final Round 1 results broken out by team by flight.

Round 1, Flight 1 Results (Route 1-3A)

PlaceTeamFlight ScorePlayersJudge
1 (Advancing Team)Take Off Every Ziggurat116Michael Markey
Gavin Markey
Jason Cefaratti
Dwayne Schueller
Tim Deschene
2 (Alternate)The Ross Grinvalds Experience114Matt Free
Paul Romer
Jason Kehoe
Tyler Hodge
Matt Lindgren
Jeff Regner
3Holy Rollers107Matt Getz
Mike Lott
Nolan Fulks
Yamil Camacho
4Litches Get Stitches96Darryl Louth
David Cambell
Joe Wagle
Mike Bannister
Chris Gallivan
Alan Keim
5Wasted Effort94Joe Batka
Matt Batka
Jim Batlee
Tristan Pozenel
James Pozenel
Jody Whittle
6Holy Water Kegstand83Alex Saccacino
Brendan Stassel
Nolan Oliver
Chris Hazel
Sean Smith
7Critical Fail74Jonathan
Haley Skach
8Peasants Power the Fiend Fodder74Jesse Bergstrom
Abram Bergstrom
Matthias Bergstrom
George Roehr
Russell Rogge
Jason Stierle
9Fire for Effect39*Shaun Pierson
Tim Zaletel
Eric Stainbrook
Edward Mikkelsen
Nora Figg
Michael Grant
10Hammertoes35*Martin Buiniki
Thad Donovan
Hayden Hodge
Lance Hodge
Ryan Potter
Shaun Pierson
Jim Skach

* Games that had at least one TPK

Round 1, Flight 2 Results (Route 1-3B*)

PlaceTeamFlight ScorePlayersJudge
1 (Advancing Team)The Live Stock105Robert Kenyon
Keith Haddad
Frankie Ferrell
Alex Schiebner
Jenny Schiebner
Brian Escobar
2 (Alternate)Barflies102Jon Diemunsch
Jonathan Von Duke
Josh Deheart
Max Day
Casey Gores
3Three Squires and a Wheel101Jane Ritt
Kevin Johnson
Evan Ritt
Jacob Britz
Sanjay Kumar
John Roberts
4Los Hermanos Jabronis88Morgan Gonzalez
Dan Bastin
Colin Murphree
Ian Murphree
Lucian Murphree
Haley Skach
5Joan’s Juggernauts79Ian Servaas
Spencer Zimmerman
Daniel Axe
William Mahaffey
Logan Sackey
Joan Troyer
6Mighty Gyros56Ken Winland
Patrick Kelleher
James Kelleher
Mark Wolf
7Reasonably Fettered25Corey Arnold
Phillip Robinette
Jordon Starks
Lily Snyder
John Murphree
Harley Stroh
8Traveling Hillbillies24**Shawn Bryant
Danny Zirkle
Alaric Legler
9Team TPK20Allen Martin
Rich Saum
Andy Sadler
Luke Clinton
Caleb Donoho
Brian Jeffries
10The Lords of Sarcasm: ESWM-4**Jason Riddell
Fred Daily
Patrick Biddix
Nathaniel Garth
Yorkus Rex
Jim Skach

* First time this encounter was used in a formal tournament event

** Games that had at least one TPK

Round 1, Flight 3 Results (Route 1-3C)

PlaceTeamRound ScorePlayersJudge
1 (Advancing Team)I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee For This!99Jan Pierskalla
Mike Kenyon
Roger Penny
Chris Dissette
Tom Colley
Harley Stroh
2 (Alternate)Dr. Thunder’s One-Shot Wonders90Jonathan Himes
Mariko English
Ricky White
Scott Turns
Brandon Mace
Jason Stierle
3Team Pancake88Anthony Wagner
Ben Wagner
James Simmons
Scott Joest
Noah Joest
James Pozenel
4Four Halflings in a Trenchcoat84Brad Black
Garrick Andrus
Alan Fishman
Brad Keusch
Tim Deschene
5The Lone Wolves79Christian Sorrell
Xuan Stanek
Michael Grant
James Walls
6The Hamburgered Helpers69Lech Kazmirski
Reba Day
Lucas Vaughn
Derek Apfel
Chris Schatzman
Jon Carnes

Round 1, Flight 4 Results (Route 1-3D)

PlaceTeamFlight ScorePlayersJudge
1 (Advancing Team)Presumptuous Peasants110John Sureck
Luke Veltum
Glen Veltum
Casey Gores
2 (Alternate)The Broken Melons105Rick Blaha
Jerry Burns
Tom Armellino
Tim Deschene
3Out of Towners94Kalin Kadiev
Marc Talbot
Nacho Sevilla
Alaric Legler
4Ache 4 Adventure92Mark Anderson
Zack Wills
Jeremy Earl
Haley Skach
5We are the Cannon Fodder91Ron Hornbeck
Graham Hornbeck
Corrine Hornbeck
CJ Gaver
Alan Keim
6Indefatigable Rabble88Tory Digaetano
Jonathan Garrison
Benjamin Feehan
Davin Kluttz
7Vice Squad82John Neireiter
Andrew Danhauer
Rob Collins
Zack Starkey
Joshua Swanson
Brian Jeffries
8Chuck it in the Bin76Will Nevis
Ashley Chaney
Ozzy Chaney
Michael Grant
9The Yetis53John Cantrell
Jeff Finke
John Mcree
Eric Daum
10Killing Spree 311Dani Vasquez
Jordan Felder
Mike Northcraft
Mark Wolf
11Team Delicious Viciousness
-13*Andrew Russell
Billy Mickelson
Cassandra Currier
Jim Skach

* Games that had at least one TPK

Round 1, Flight 5 Results (Route 1-3E*)

PlaceTeamFlight ScorePlayersJudge
1 (Advancing Team)Team Don’t Die111Kaney Cowart
Beau Brooks
Josh Dukon
Justin Peart
Geoff Peart
Tim Deschene
2 (Alternate)G3 Boardroom97Matthew Kant
David Slusser
Jason Brink
Jason Dale
James Pozenel
3Whiskey Rebellion95Curtis Carey
Katie Butram
Jacob Lingwall
Daniel Tuchtenhagen
Ray Albrecht
Brian Escobar
4The Wooden Pigs86Josh Torres
Marcus Nucci
Nicolas Nucci
Gavin Torres
Alaric Legler
5Beat_les80Jeff Van Horn
Jeremy Patten
Meghann Patten
Jonah Patten
Joan Troyer
6The Dungbeetles71Mathew Ward
Matt Morrison
Max Estrada
Justin Belhumeur
Adam Bokhari
7Crimson Crushers66Adam Carbonneau
William Galor
Mike Callock
Wyatt Wilfong
Derek Carbonneau
John Roberts
8Lucky Strikes65JR Byrum
Vinnie Vasquez
Mark Ballentine
Aidan Ballentine
Jim Skach
9Peter Better than Daniel
49Daniel Parks
Peter Pham
Kyle Cubrera
Bob Sloma
Tony Wolff
Davin Kluttz
10Arrow Sponges30**Tim Stephens
Alex Donald
Max Fairlamb
Stephen Copeland
Haley Skach

* First time this encounter was used in a formal tournament event

** Games that had at least one TPK

Round 2 Results*

PlaceTeamRound ScorePlayersJudge
1I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee for This!110Jan Pierskalla
Mike Kenyon
Roger Penny
Chris Dissette
Tom Colley
Tim Deschene
2The Live Stock96Robert Kenyon
Keith Haddad
Frankie Ferrell
Alex Schiebner
Jenny Schiebner
Eric Daum
3Take Off Every Ziggurat12**Michael Markey
Gavin Markey
Jason Cefaratti
Rick Blaha***
Harley Stroh
4Team Don’t Die-16**Kaney Cowart
Beau Brooks
Josh Dukon
Haley Skach
5Presumptuous Peasants-41**John Sureck
Luke Veltum
Glen Veltum Scott Turns***
Jim Skach

* While the top three teams made it to the final encounter, only one team managed to finish Round 2, the winning team, I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee for This!

** Games that ended in a TPK.

*** Designates players from one of the first round alternate teams that joined an advancing team in the finals.

Deadliest Round

RoundRatio of Fatalities to Total Number of PCsTotal PC Fatalities*Total PCs

* “Total PC Fatalities” includes both the total number of times a PC reached 0 hp and the number of PCs that bled out. For 0-level PCs, a death is counted as both reaching 0 hp and bleeding out to allow for direct comparison to previous tournaments.

TPKs by Round and Judge

RoundTPKsTeamsTPK %Top TPK Judges
174715%Haley Skach (3)
23560%Tie – Harley Stroh, Jim Skach, and Haley Skach (1)

Deadliest Rooms by Round

RoundRoomAuthor% of Total PC Fatalities in Round
1Area 1-1 – Through the Breach!Terry Olson24%
2Area 2-11 – Finale at the ZigguratTerry Olson48%

Deadliest Judges

JudgeRatio of Fatalities to Total Number of PlayersTotal PC FatalitiesTotal PCs
Jim Skach1.75265151
Brian Escobar*1.7113076
Jody Whittle*1.606440
Alaric Legler*1.5613486
Haley Skach1.55272175
Michael Grant*1.5413487
James Walls1.527046
Mark Wolf*1.4911074
Davin Kluttz*1.459465
Adam Bokhari*1.445236
Casey Gores*1.448257
Harley Stroh1.4213293
Tim Deschene1.41178126
James Pozenel1.4011884
Jon Carnes*1.386648
Jason Stierle*1.2310081
Joan Troyer*1.2310686
Jeff Regner*1.213428
John Roberts*1.179077
Sean Smith*1.136053
Brian Jeffries*1.128475
Alan Keim*1.056865
Yamil Camacho*0.962425
Eric Daum0.572646
Aaron Koelman**

* New tournament judges this year.

** Judge Aaron did all the work of a tournament judge to get ready for Gen Con 2022, but did not run games.

Deadliest Tournament Modules

Updated for DCC Open 2022 – the Count Dante Tournament Rating System! Because tournament modules are played at conventions over a large sample of tables and judges, we are able to quantify their danger level. Based on this quantification we have a rating system to use as a guide when selecting your next adventure to run.

Here are the ratings for this year’s tournament Return to the Starless Sea, along with our previous tournament adventures, and The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying (2017), Riders of the Phlogiston (2018), and The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar (2019, 2020), Return to the Starless Sea (2020, 2022), and Save XCrawl! (2021). Future tournament modules will also use this rating system once they are put through their paces at large gaming events!

AdventureCount Dante Dungeon Rating*Ratio of Killed PCsTotal PCs KilledTotal PCs, Including Rounds 2 and 3
Return to the Starless Sea – Bride of Cyclops Con 2020 and Gen Con 2022IV0.68:117372555
Riders of the Phlogiston – Gen Con 2018IV0.62:183134
The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar – Gen Con 2019 and DCC Days Online 2020III0.54:1100184
The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying – Gen Con 2017II0.35:12365
Save XCrawl! – Empire of the Cyclops Con 2021II0.27:11659

*Based on the ratio of killed PCs (eliminated) for every PC that entered the dungeon across all rounds:

Type I – 0.0 to 0.2:1

Type II – 0.2 to 0.4:1

Type III – 0.4 to 0.6:1

Type IV – 0.6 to 0.8:1

Type V – 0.8 to 0.99:1

Type VI – 1:1, or 100% lethal!

Funnel Stats (2022)

Deadliest Flight

FlightPathTotal 0-levels KilledTeamsAverage PCs Slain Per Team

Deadliest Flight-Specific Encounter

FlightEncounterTotal 0-levels KilledTeamsAverage PCs Slain Per Team
11-3E – The Mess Hall Mess1101011
21-3A – Penned In100
31-3C – Gallery of Death5869.7
41-3D – The Armory106119.6
51-3B – The Infernal Garden54105.4

Most Luck Burned by Flight

FlightPathTotal Luck BurnedTeamsAverage Luck Burned Per Team

Teams that Replenished the Most 0-Levels Between Encounters:

  1. The Lone Wolves (34)
  2. Tie – Reasonably Fettered (30)
  3. Tie – Peter Better than Daniel (30)

Teams that Rescued the Most PCs:

  1. Tie – Holy Water Kegstand (11)
  2. Tie – We Are the Cannon Fodder (11)
  3. The Dungbeetles (8)

Teams that Burned the Most Luck:

  1. The Dungbeetles (127)
  2. Four Halflings in a Trenchcoat (119)
  3. Vice Squad (116)

Complete Stats by Room

Round 1

RoomAuthorPC Fatalities% of Total PC Fatalities in Round
1-1 – Through the Breach!Terry Olson58824%
1-2 – Foreshadowing the Chaos LordMarc Bruner39816%
1-W – Wandering in the CorridorsTerry Olson683%
1-3A – Penned InMarc Bruner1004%
1-3B – The Infernal GardenMarzio Muscedere542%
1-3C – Gallery of DeathMarzio Muscedere582%
1-3D – The ArmoryTim Deschene1064%
1-3E – The Mess Hall MessMichael Bolam1104%
1-4 – The Vine WallTerry Olson40016%
1-5 – The Chaos CraterThorin Thompson27611%
1-6 – The ZigguratTerry Olson30212%

Round 2

RoomAuthorPC Fatalities% of Total PC Fatalities in Round
2-1 – Van vs. Dragon DogfightTerry Olson00%
2-2 – Race to the Tunnel!Terry Olson00%
2-3 – An Open DoorTerry Olson00%
2-4a – To the leftTerry Olson00%
2-4b – To the rightTerry Olson00%
2-5 – Elzemon’s MenagerieTim Deschene00%
2-6 – IntersectionTerry Olson00%
2-7 – Of Beast and ManMarzio Muscedere927%
2-8 – Intersection and a Possible AmbushTerry Olson824%
2-9 – Grotto of the Star ChampionMarc Bruner00%*
2-10 – Pathways of the LeviathanMarc Bruner00%
2-11 – Finale at the ZigguratTerry Olson1648%

* Room that only two teams reached during the tournament at Gen Con 2022

All-Time Stats for Judges

JudgeTournament Games JudgedRatio of Fatalities to Total Number of PlayersTotal PC FatalitiesTotal PCsYears Active
Tim Deschene211.03133092017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022
Mike Bolam161.32071652017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Marc Bruner141.21591282017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Haley Skach141.03053132019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Jim Skach131.13082752019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Harley Stroh121.11661572017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Eric Daum90.8851122018, 2019, 2020, 2022
Terry Olson81.8108592018, 2019, 2020
Jeff Goad62.167322018, 2019
Aaron Koelman51.536242018, 2019, 2022
James Pozenel50.91451682020, 2021, 2022
Rick Hull40.918202017, 2018
James Walls31.91792019
David Baity31.724142017
Stefan Flickinger31.154482020, 2021
Alaric Legler30.867862022
Brian Escobar20.965762022
Michael Grant20.867872022
Mark Wolf20.755742022
Davin Kluttz20.747652022
Casey Gores20.741572022
Jason Stierle20.650812022
Joan Troyer20.653862022
John Roberts20.645772022
Brian Jeffries20.642752022
Alan Keim20.534652022
Brendan LaSalle20.22102021
Clay Liford11.032322020, 2021
Jody Whittle10.832402022
Adam Bokhari10.726362022
Jon Carnes10.733482022
Jeff Regner10.617282022
Sean Smith10.630532022
Yamil Camacho10.512252022
Jonathon Perkel00002018

1 At Gen Con 2022, 39 out of the 47 teams managed to finish the entire round in the full four hours, a great finish! Even more amazing, 15 teams managed to finish in under 3 hours, with one team, Take Off Every Ziggurat, finishing in a record-setting 2 hours and 5 minutes!

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