New Zinequest Project: Support Get Me The Juice Third-Party MCC Adventure!

The Box of Cold is failing! You must procure a new power source or many will suffer!

Get Me the Juice is the second adventure module created and published by Tim Sattley and High Dive Games, following up on the success of Tribal Games: Contest of Champions, and the first module in what they are calling the Recharge Run series. It’s also the latest publication in the ZineQuest series over on Kickstarter!

Here’s info direct from the Kickstarter:

Get Me the Juice introduces low-level characters to artifacts with personal assistant AI personalities, potential hard radiation exposure (radburn), 26 unique encounters/traps/puzzles & AI role-playing opportunities. It also includes 8 different repopulation encounters, allowing a party to return to the location and further explore the 11 separate location/adventure hooks that help tie this module into any judge’s home campaign. This module also introduces the “Tribal Taxation System” linking your party of seekers in a symbiotic relationship with their home tribe (a more detailed version of this campaign enhancement is slated to be released in Jim Wampler’s “Scientific Barbarian #5” in the article “Returning to the Tribe”).

 What’s Inside This Adventure: 

  • A fun and self-contained adventure compatible with the MCC system or easily converted to any post-apocalyptic RPG.
  • Use it as a stand-alone adventure or drop it into your existing campaign world.
  • 10 new creatures or monster variants.
  • 26 unique encounters, traps, puzzles, and AI interaction opportunities
  • 8 Thematic correct repopulation encounters to run the module multiple times with the same party.
  • 11 separate locations or places for adventure hooks to tie this module into your existing campaign or future adventuring plans.
  • Introduction to the Tribal Taxation Tables (additional tables and details to be released in Jim Wampler’s Scientific Barbarian Vol #5, in the article “Returning to the Tribe”).
  • Fully developed pre-gen NPCs for module encounters or PC replacements.
  • Introduction of detailed artifacts with personal assistant artificial intelligence to increase role-playing possibilities. 
  • 36 Pages of content, including the adventure, random encounters, planned encounters during the return trip, repopulation scenarios, pre-gen characters, and 6 different tables of random goodness.

Get Me The Juice was fully funded in only 4 hours! Get in on the action right now only on Kickstarter!

Author: pandabrett

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