What Goes Up Must Come Down: The Gen Con Teardown Squad

They’ve got the dirtiest, smelliest, and toughest job at Gen Con. Meet the Teardown Squad! These brave volunteers help put away the booth on Sunday night at Gen Con. After two days of setup and four days of nonstop gaming, they stay late for the grueling task of packing everything back up for the warehouse. The ziggurat and obelisks and Doom Gong sure look cool—but somebody’s gotta put ‘em on a pallet! (And for those of you who don’t know, the convention center turns off the AC the moment the exhibit hall officially closes. All this cleanup is completed in a HOT room!)

Kudos to the Teardown Squad. Thanks once again for all your help! Jen, Dieter, Harley, Thorin, Terry, Tim, Mike, Matt, Wayne, Marc, Eric, Alan, Garrick, Micah—it wouldn’t happen without you!

Now let’s look at some photos!

And let’s not forget the Teardown Squads of the past! Here are some photos to honor those teams of previous years!

Author: pandabrett

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