The Skull Makes Friends at Gen Con

Attention Mortals!

Intern #761 is pleased to report that the Magician’s Skull was recently seen at Gen Con! The Skull visited Indianapolis as an ambassador of swords and sorcery. In a tender moment, the Skull made a new friend, and between the two of them, they now have two eyes! They have since decided to road-trip across America in search of more sorcery and swords. Intern #761 took some photos which we will now show you.

As is customary, the Skull transmogrified at the Goodman Games ziggurat and emerged as a herald of sword-and-sorcery fiction.
Soon after arriving in Indianapolis, the Skull was received by the purple-sashed representatives of the local governing entity. The Skull approves of their garb.
A wayward intern had not received his number. The Skull remedied this immediately.
At the Goodman Games booth, a touching scene unfolds. Molan the Chaos Lord approaches the Skull with fellowship in his heart. Could this be true friendship?
The Skull consults his crystal ball in the back of the wizard van for direction on this most unexpected situation.
It is decided. The Skull must take the Wizard Van to see more of America!
And the Skull’s new friend Molan the Chaos Lord shall join the road trip! For two eyes are better than one!
Burn rubber, baby! Read about the road-tripping adventures of The Magician’s Skull and Molan the Chaos Lord in the pages of Tales From The Magician’s Skull!

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