Final Results From The Gen Con DCC Tournament!

The 2022 Gen Con DCC RPG Team Open Tournament has concluded!

Many teams entered, but only five made it to the final round where they battled against each other to determine who would come away with the championship belts this year. When the dust had settled and the wounds bandaged, one team rose above the others to take their place as the champions!

Congratulations goes out to team I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee for This! for winning this year’s event! As with past winners, their names shall be placed onto The Gong of Doom for all to see in coming years! And no one can take away those snazzy belts!

So let’s give a big round of applause to the winners! Here’s the scores from the final round:

Team NameJudgeFinal Score
I Haven’t Had Enough Coffee for This!Tim Deschene110
The Live StockEric Daum96
Take Off Every ZigguratHarley Stroh12
Team Don’t DieHaley Skach-16
Presumptuous PeasantsJim Skach-41

A huge thanks go out to all the participating teams in this year’s event! You helped make Gen Con 2022 a memorable experience for everyone at Goodman Games, and extolled the virtues of DCC RPG in the very best ways!

Now let’s look at some photos from throughout the tournament!

Author: pandabrett

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