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It’s back! And it’s as crazy as ever!

Crepuscular #2: Triumph Over the Grave is coming your way at long last! Creator Joshua Burnett is back with an all-new 48-page volume of craziness and adventure. If you read the first issue, Sanctum of the Snail, you know what we’re talking about. If not, you need to grab the first one and prepare yourself for a second helping!

Here’s info direct from the Kickstarter:

Crepuscular #2 features a brand new 0-level funnel crawl! In “Triumph Over the Grave” the PCs start their adventure already dead! These unfortunate souls have been plucked from the Great Helix only to wake up in the miserable Deathworld #37. If the PCs can fight and scheme their way across the desolate landscape of this crumbling afterlife, they may find themselves at the Nigh-Infinite Tower. If they can find the stairs within the Tower, they just may have a chance to climb back to the mortal world and get a second chance at life! Along the way, the PCs will have the opportunity to reveal snippets of their past lives and even uncover the uncanny secrets behind the dissolution of Death World #37.

But it’s not just an adventure! Crepuscular #2 contains so much more!

  • A list of Death Augers for post-mortem 0-level characters.
  • The creepy new Moribund class, for all your undead adventurer needs.
  • An introductory guide to Xöthma-Ghül, the best-worst place in the world, including sights, sounds, personalities, and adventure hooks based around the Crepuscular City.
  • 100 starting occupations for natives of Xöthma-Ghül.
  •  The Gangs of Xöthma-Ghül in case you need some hooligans to stab.
  • 12 new NPCs-for-hire from The Vagabond District.
  • A brand new Moonblossom & Chance comic.

…all with the hypnagogic fantasy absurdism you’ve come to expect from me, your old friend Josh Burnett.

Crepuscular #2: Triumph Over the Grave was fully funded in only 4 hours, and all the current stretch goals have been cleared! Find out what the hype is about and support the Kickstarter today!

Author: pandabrett

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