Fourth Flight Results From The Gen Con DCC Tournament!

We now have the results from the fourth flight!

This round saw the biggest difference between the first-place team and the one that finished with the lowest score. (Wow, Judge Jim Skach, you are a tough taskmaster!) Yet, the top two were still within five points of each other.

As with the other rounds, the first place team advances, with the second place team as the alternate. So without further ado, here are the results from the fourth flight:

Team NameJudgeFinal Score
Presumptuous PeasantsCasey Gores110
The Broken MelonsTim Deschene105
Out of TownersAlaric Legler94
Ache 4 AdventureHaley Skach92
We are the Cannon FodderAlan Keim91
Indefatigable RablleDavin Kluttz88
Vice SquadBrian Jeffries82
Chuck it in the BinMichael Grant76
The YetisEric Daum53
Killing Spree 3Mark Wolf11
Team Delicious ViciousnessJim Skach-13

We’ll be posting the results from the final flight of the first round soon, but let’s take a moment to congratulate Presumptuous Peasants for advancing!

Author: pandabrett

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