Second Flight Results From The Gen Con DCC Tournament!

We now have the results from the second flight!

We’ve got the scores from this afternoon’s flight of the Goodman Games Open Team Tournament. Just like the first flight, the winners squeaked out a narrow win, advancing them to the next round.

The first place team advances, with the second place team as the alternate. So without further ado, here are the results from the second flight:

Team NameJudgeFinal Score
The Live StockBrian Escobar105
BarfliesCasey Gores102
Three Squires and a WheelJohn Roberts101
Los Hermanos JabronisHaley Skach88
Joan’s JuggernautsJoan Troyer79
Mighty GyrosMark Wolf56
Reasonably FetteredHarley Stroh25
Traveling HillbilliesAlaric Legler24
Team TPKBrian Jeffries20
The Lords of Sarcasm: ESWMJim Skach-4

And it’s not too late to be a part of the Return to the Starless Sea DCC Tournament at Gen Con! There are three flights happening tomorrow—Saturday, August 5th—starting at 9:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 7:00 pm! We are holding drop-in slots that we have set aside for on-site players to join! These are essentially walk-up seats at the tourney that will only last until they fill up, and they are first-come, first serve.

And if you do plan to show up, we recommend getting a look at the Tournament Player Pack so you can be fully prepped.

We’ll be posting more results tomorrow, but let’s take a moment to congratulate The Live Stock for advancing!

Author: pandabrett

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