First Flight Results From The Gen Con DCC Tournament!

The first flight results are in!

We’ve got the scores from this morning’s first flight on the Goodman Games Open Team Tournament. Everyone did an amazing job, and we hope that the players had as much fun as the judges.

The first place team advances, with the second place team as the alternate. So without further ado, here are the results from the first flight:

Team NameJudgeFinal Score
Take Off Every ZigguratTim Deschene116
The Ross Grinvalds ExperienceJeff Regner114
Holy RollersYamil Camacho107
Litches Get StitchesAlan Keim96
Wasted EffortJody Whittle94
Holy Water KegstandSean Smith83
Critical FailHaley Skach74
Peasants Power the Fiend FodderJason Sterle74
Fire for EffectMichael Grant39
HammertoesJim Skach35

And it’s not too late to be a part of the Return to the Starless Sea DCC Tournament at Gen Con! We are holding drop-in slots that we have set aside for on-site players to join! These are essentially walk-up seats at the tourney that will only last until they fill up, and they are first-come, first serve.

And if you do plan to show up, we recommend getting a look at the Tournament Player Pack so you can be fully prepped.

We’ll be posting the results of the second flight later today, but let’s take a moment to congratulate Take Off Every Ziggurat for advancing!

Author: pandabrett

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