Come Game With Us At The Gen Con DCC Tournament!

Join the hundreds already taking part in this tremendous tournament experience!

This year’s huge Return to the Starless Sea DCC Tournament at Gen Con has already attracted more than 200 participants—and you can still be a part of it! We are holding drop-in slots that we have set aside for on-site players to join! These are essentially walk-up seats at the tourney that will only last until they fill up, and they are first-come, first serve.

Our tournaments are fast and fun events run by highly experienced Judges and are open to everyone interested in sitting down with us for a good time—you don’t even need to be proficient in DCC! We’d love to see how many folks we can get to join us in this classic funnel experience so let’s see just how big we can get this year’s tournament.

And if you do plan to show up, we recommend getting a look at the Tournament Player Pack so you can be fully prepped.

We look forward to seeing you starting tomorrow for Gen Con 2022 and a Return to the Starless Sea—let’s make this the biggest and best DCC Tournament ever!

Author: pandabrett

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