See The Goodman Games Art Show at Gen Con!

The Art of GG—for thee!

Come take a look at original Goodman Games Art at our Art Show during Gen Con 2022. Just stop by our gaming area at Lucas Oil Stadium and you can’t miss our panel display—in fact, you might not be able to take your eyes off it!

All Goodman Games products and publications feature art made with real, physical media—actual ink on paper, or paint on canvas. Even in the midst of our digital age, nothing beats the authentic physicality of the actual artifacts of human imagination—and we’ve got original work from Doug Kovacs, Chris Arneson, and Brad McDevitt to prove it.

You loved the cover art, so go ahead and take some time during the con to marvel at the originals and experience just what sets that distinctive DCC art style apart from all the rest.

Author: billward

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