The Pits of Lost Agharta Comes To Gen Con After-Hours

Aeons past (or perhaps two months ago) the great savants-sages, Chase and Stefan, peered deep into their crystal globes and saw the impossible: a towering ziggurat, peopled by terrible giants, fell monsters, and dreadful warlocks. And beneath the columns of glowing skulls: heroes that would rise up, cast down the foul Aghartans, and herald a new day of freedom.

That day has come. What once could only be played virtually has been made manifest. For untold hours, Chase Reinhart and Stefan Flickinger labored to dredge the Aghartan seas, raising the ziggurat and its bloody gladiators from the underworld of dreams and whispers into reality.

And you can be among the first to play it.

Join us at Gen Con, in the Embassy Suites, from 8:00 p.m. on—Obitu-Que willing—to test your mettle against giants, fearsome monsters, and your fellow gladiators, to see who will reign triumphant! In this free event, hosted by Goodman Games and the Hobonomicon, all are welcome, but only a scant few will live to see the smoldering dawn.

See you in the pits, reaver!

Miniatures used from Adrian Smith’s Hate collection. Check out his work at his Facebook page!

Author: pandabrett

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