New In The Online Store: Four New Third-Party DCC Sourcebooks from Raorgen Games

Raorgen Games has a fantastic foursome of adventures hitting our online store today!

Each of the new adventures is set in the Pax Lexque campaign world, but can easily be placed in any DCC RPG setting. And you get a full gamut of levels, too, running all the way from a 0-level funnel up through a level 4 adventure.

Let’s look at the details!

The Moon Locket – Print + PDF

In this short 0-level funnel, the PCs must retrieve a lucky treasure to save their village from famine.

In this short zero-level funnel, the party must retrieve a lucky treasure from dark fey forces before a crop blight cripples their village. If they succeed, they will become heroes – if they fail, their village may not survive the winter.

This adventure is set in the Isles of the Celts campaign setting, which is a subset of the Pax Lexque campaign world.

We Who Are About to Die – Print + PDF

Bread and circuses keep the people happy – this ain’t bread. Arena combat and chariot racing for DCC.

Part 1 – Bring Them Back Alive

The most popular events in the Roman Colosseum involve gladiators fighting exotic beasts from far away places. That’s where you come in. Someone needs to capture these creatures and deliver them to Rome, alive.

Part 2 – For the Glory of Rome

The roar of the crowd, the esteem of the populace, the thrill of combat, you crave it all! Your team of gladiators has won a chance to fight on the biggest stage of all, the Colosseum of Rome. You will face off against a myriad of terrifying creatures. If you survive, you will receive the respect of the Emperor himself – and advance the glory of Rome.

Part 3 – Circus Ferus

From the Circus Minimus, where gnomes race goat chariots while wielding meatball slingshots, to the completely untamed Circus Ferus, where drivers are just as likely to kill each other as outrace them, chariot racing is wildly popular in many of the lands around the Great Sea. Presented in this section are rules for chariot racing in DCC.

These adventures are set in the Pax Lexque campaign world but are portable to other campaigns.

The Hand of the Law – Print + PDF

Three adventures place the PCs as special forces protecting the Roman Empire.

These three adventures for 1st-4th level characters are set in the Pax Lexque campaign world.

Each of the adventures places the PCs as members of Manus Legis. This is the Roman Empire’s special-forces cohort which is tasked with addressing the various dangers leftover from the Wars of Darkness, the magic wars that fragmented the Roman Empire 400 years ago.

Module 1: On His Majesty’s Secret Service

You are new recruits in the imperial special forces group, Manus Legis, (Hand of the Law). Your first assignment should be easy, just track down some lost sheep. What could go wrong? (Level 1)

Module 2: All in the Family

Having proven yourself on several assignments, you are being trusted with a sensitive mission – find a thief of magical supplies before they can be used for necromantic purposes. (Level 3)

Module 3: The Missing Men of Grendisch Pass

This new mission sounds more daunting. A whole merchant caravan has disappeared, and apparitions were seen in the area. Can you resolve the cause and put these spirits to rest? (Level 4)

This volume also includes a new class, the Alchemist.

The King’s Bargain – Print + PDF

A journey to the world of the fey, deals with faeries – it’s the stuff legends are made of.

This role-play heavy adventure spans a journey to the world of the fey and back, betrayal by an evil king, deals with faeries, tragic tales of love and loss, of darkness and justice.

In part 1, Terms of the Deal,  the PCs unexpectedly find themselves in the mystical land of Elphyne, the home realm of the fey. They must navigate its dangers, determine why they are there, how it came to be and what they can do about it.

In part 2, A Deal Undone, the PCs must work with the ever-dangerous dark fey to undo the deal which brought them to this strange world and then make an ally who can return them to their home. These adventures are set in the Isles of the Celts campaign setting, which is a subset of the Pax Lexque campaign world.

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