Behold: The Glorious Oversized Belts For This Year’s Tournament Winners

In just a few short days the gates of Gen Con will open, heralding the beginning of an amazing weekend of gaming—including the DCC RPG Team Tournament!

Each year, we present this event as a challenge to the best players, each of them competing for the coveted title of champion. And this year, they are also battling for the belt!

Our own Gaming Luchador has taken a moment to model the prize for this year’s Team Tournament, the Tournament Title Belt! These wrestling-style belts will be awarded to the winners of this year’s Return to the Starless Sea: In The Flesh Edition Tournament—and you can flaunt them on your waist all the way home!

And it’s not too late to be a part of the event. Tickets are still available for the first round of this 0-level tournament. And since it’s a level 0 funnel, that makes prep work very easy! Still, you’ll want to be sure to download a copy of the Player Pack so you have everything ready to go before the game begins.

The battle begins on Thursday, August 4th, and the title will be awarded after the dust settles before the end of the weekend. Someone is going home with the belt! Will it be you?

We’ll find out at Gen Con in Indianapolis!

Author: pandabrett

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