The Doom Gong Shall Rise Again – And The Winners Shall Be Honored

For two long years, the Doom Gong has slumbered, swaddled in the stifling miasma of the dead. For two long years, the gong has lain silent. The foolish souls of the world have forgotten its sonorous drone, the black singing that drowns out spoken word and the cries of the dying alike. Aged men lay abed, trembling with memories of a nightmare they can no longer place; their babes wail, unable to give a name to the new horrors that must come to pass.

Soon the blasted black pillars will be raised one more, the malefic gong hung upon its horsehair braids, and the demon eyes will flare. Who will be the first to strike the gong anew, and cast wide the gates? Tremble, for the Doom Gong arises!

We are excited to announce that the Doom Gong will return in just a few scant days at Gen Con 2022! And coming back to the Doom Gong will be plaques honoring those brave players who survived our many tournaments in 2019, 2020, and 2021!

The plaques are manufactured and just waiting for the Doom Gong to arise. Below are the photographs of them waiting for their permanent home. We can’t wait to attach them to the gong in person!

Author: pandabrett

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