Stomp the Typo: Our Typo Submission Tool!


You know what’s better than one proofreader? A whole lotta proofreaders!

Here at Goodman Games we are committed to publishing high-quality products on every level. Whether it is the amazing art that makes our titles appealing to fans or the dynamic writing and high standards of production, at every turn we only want the best product in your hands.

That’s even more evident in our second (and subsequent) printings. When we reprint a book, our team combs through the text and corrects any typos or errors discovered in the first printing. And now you can help.

Are you word goodly? Er…that is, good with languaging? Sorry ’bout that. Well, we said we need your help!

We now have a standardized online form where you can tell us about any errors you discover in our books. The process couldn’t be more simple: just submit your correction through the online form. As we reprint our books, we will consult our fan submissions and update accordingly! It’s sort of like crowd-funding for proofreading. You can help to make our books better than ever, and make sure that we have enough eyes on the product.

This is a tool, not something to be abused. We genuinely want your help. This is a way to help ensure that we are putting out the best books that we can publish, and your way to help us out. Let’s see what we can do together!

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