An Interview With Emogoth the Danged


Somewhere on an undisclosed plane of existence lies the source of Goodman Games’ steady stream of new products: the dreaded Print Mines. Untold numbers of sundry workers and minions toil in the depths of the endless caverns, breaking their bodies and, indeed, their very souls to surface previously unseen tomes of adventure for your pleasure. Casting gloom over the entire operation with malevolent wings is the Dark Master’s trusted overseer: EMOGOTH the DANGED.

But just who is this mysterious wyrm of legend, this streaming star of Picks From the Print Mine, and how did he become a vital piece of the Dark Master’s vile machinery? With Emogoth making live appearances recently at MomoCon and Origins, you had best learn who he is before he finds you at Gen Con! Luckily for you, he has ordered his minion Dieter to waste his lunch break conducting an interview so you will be able to grovel appropriately.

DIETER: Hello, Emogoth, glad to have you here.

EMOGOTH: Greetings, mortal! It is my pleasure to share my story with you.

D: Wait- mortal? Aren’t….aren’t dragons mortal, too?

E: Well, technically, yes. But don’t you think it horribly unfair to lump dragons into the same category as jellyfish and HALFLINGS?! Vermin!

D: I think some jellyfish actually are immortal, so…

E: Ask the questions I gave you or I will end you now.

D: Yessir. Ahem. How did you come to be the magnificent and magnanimous creature you are?

E: I come from a long and storied dragon lineage! The most famous of my kin, my uncle Stygoth the Damned, has done some work for the Dark Master before, and —

D: Hold up… ”magnanimous”? You? Oh, that’s hysterical!

E: Minion, I am warning you…

D: Yes, sorry, please continue.

E: Anyway, as I was saying, uncle Stygoth heard the Dark Master’s mining operation needed a firm but fair claw to take charge, so he put in a good word for me. Not that I needed the recommendation, of course. My credentials and experience are impeccable. After a brief exchange of phlogistonic missives, I had a job interview with the Dark Master himself, who is —

D: Oh hey, look, we’re out of time.

E: Out of time?

D: Yes, my 10-minute lunch break is over, I have to get back to mining.

E: Well, fine then. Get back to work, minion! But you have not seen the last of EMOGOTH the DANGED!

Check out the complete playlist for Picks From the Print Mine to see Emogoth back in the interviewer seat where he belongs (plus Dieter and Jon say a few things between interviews):

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