DCC Day Is One Week From Today!

DCC Day is next Saturday, July 16, 2022!

Bang the gong and sound the horn — DCC Day 2022 is just a week away! With a fantastic set of releases that are exclusive to your participating FLGS, you’ll definitely want to head to your favorite local store to see what’s on hand. From free adventures to hot new releases — not to mention a riot of in-store gaming events — it’s the perfect time to celebrate Dungeon Crawl Classics ‘down at the local.’ Don’t know if your store is participating? Check out our list of participating DCC Day retailers and get ready for a great day of gaming and goodies.

And even if you don’t have a local store, why not plan on making it a special day of your own? Go ahead and plan a whole day of DCC RPG with your own group! Are they new to it? Run your favorite funnel! Are they seasoned adventurers? Challenge them with an adventure they haven’t played! You have tons of options available.

However you celebrate, we hope you’ll make DCC Day a special event! Your participating FLGS will have access to TEN fantastic exclusives for the day, including the free DCC Day 2022 Adventure Pack which includes two all-new adventures: Incident at Toad Fork for DCC, and The Last Life Guardian for MCC, as well as the exclusive DCC Day 2022 module Chanters in the Dark! We’ve also got an all-new sourcebook, The Book of the Fallen Gods, detailing seven new patrons (the Un-Gods!) for use in your DCC games.

DCC Day only comes around once a year, so head to your FLGS for a day packed with exclusive releases and gaming among friends. We hope to see you next Saturday, July 16, 2022 for DCC Day!

Author: billward

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