Congratulations to the 2022 Robert E. Howard Award Winners

Last month’s Robert E. Howard Awards, given by the Robert E. Howard Foundation during the annual celebration of REH’s life and work that is Howard Days, in Cross Plains, Texas, is a chance to honor all of those dedicated scholars, publishers, editors, and artists whose scholarship and passion ensure that REH’s work thrives nearly a century on.

Dozens of talented and devoted creators were nominated for awards in various categories, but of course, only a few could win! Readers of Tales From the Magician’s Skull, both print and online, will recognize some of those names, such as frequent contributor Brian Murphy winning in the Emerging Scholar Category, and Jason Ray Carney scoring in the Literary Achievement Category for his helming of Whetstone: The Amateur Magazine of Pulp Sword and Sorcery. Outstanding Achievement in Anthology/Collection went to Jason M. Waltz’s Robert E. Howard Changed My Life, with a list of contributors that is a veritable who’s who in the field of Howard Studies but with four very important writers from our own TFTMS: Managing Editor Howard Andrew Jones, and bedrock contributors Adrian Cole, John C. Hocking, and C.L. Werner.

The full list of winners is below; to them, and to all the nominees for their extraordinary work, Tales From the Magician’s Skull salutes you!

The Robert E. Howard Foundation is pleased to announce the winners for the 2022 Robert E. Howard Awards:

Atlantean Award: Todd Vick: Renegades and Rogue: The Life and Legacy of Robert E. Howard

Valusian Award: Jason M Waltz: Editor: REH Changed My Life

Hyrkanian Award: Rob Roehm: “Robert E. Howard and the Later Weird Tales”, in The Weird Tales Story: Expanded and Enhanced

Cimmerian Award: Gabriel Momola: “The Conscience of Solomon Kane: Robert E. Howard’s Rhetorics of Motive, World, and Race”

Venarium Award: (TIE) Brian Murphy and Willard M. Oliver

Black Lotus Award: Rob Roehm: Howard History

Costigan Award: Jason Ray Carney: Editor: Whetstone: Amateur Magazine of Pulp Sword and Sorcery

Rankin Award: Bill Cavalier: 2021 Howard Days Poster

Special Awards Winners

Crom Award: Lee Breakiron

Black Circle Award: Charles Hoffman

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