DCC Publishers, Prepare for Zinequest!

Kickstarter’s Zinequest is next month!

Things are heating up in August — and we don’t just mean the temperature. Kickstarter’s fourth annual Zinequest will be back and bigger than ever next month, showcasing independent voices in the RPG scene and celebrating unique, quirky, and off-the-beaten track indie developers and authors. Maybe you’re one of them!

Last year there were over 10 successful MCC and DCC related projects launched during Zinequest, covering all manner of out-of-the-ordinary and super-imaginative themes. So gamers out there take notice, we’ll be keeping you informed of every DCC and MCC kickstarter appearing next month. And developers now is the time to rev your engines, dig deep, and start burning that midnight oil to bring your vision to life and share it with the world — next month’s Zinequest will be the perfect time to launch your campaign!

And to find out more about developing indie material for our games check out: So You Want to Be An Independent MCC or DCC Third Party Publisher?

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