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Our friends over at Gaming Honors are back with another (fully funded!) kickstarter campaign: The Exodus of Wolfbane. This epic adventure module started life as a DCC compatible campaign and was successfully kickstarted back in 2019 — but now it’s back in expanded and revised form for 5E! Gaming Honors always does great work, and we couldn’t wait to share their latest campaign with our fans.

The Exodus of Wolfbane 5E features more than 80 pages of adventure, illustrations, player handouts, and supplements. It is also filled with unique game mechanics and opportunities for creative roleplaying. The adventure begins with the razing of the village of Wolfbane, a fast-paced mini-game where players will try to save as many citizens as they can while keeping the invading soldiers from finding their prize— the spellcaster Shadowforde. 

Once the survivors flee in search of the legendary sanctuary of Stonewater, players need to keep up the party morale, combining creative roleplay with some lucky dice to lift their desperate band’s spirits. Failure risks losing villagers to the elements, to despair, or to the pursuing soldiers. These NPCs are the men, women, and children of Wolfbane, friends and family members. They also may be tradespeople with invaluable skills for the journey. Your heroes need them!

And that’s not all! Players will need this same creativity and luck to care for the ailing Shadowforde, the strange and mercurial man whose awesome power has aided the village for generations, but who is now broken and frighteningly unpredictable.

The adventurers must also maintain their wagons on the perilous journey and find the food and water needed to survive. Through it all, your heroes will become hardened veterans as they battle strange monsters, harsh elements, and the king’s cruel soldiers. They will grapple with mysteries, hauntings, moral dilemmas, and death-defying chases.

  • At least 20 additional pages of new content
  • All encounters fully converted to 5E
  • Full 5E stat blocks for all encounters
  • New Art!
  • Multiple full-color images!
  • Perfect binding
  • GM Helper sheets all included and available as separate download

And be sure to check out the add-ons for other great Gaming Honors adventures and supplements, including many DCC and MCC compatible publications.

Author: billward

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