RageCon Recap

Nevada is known for gaming — but Goodman Games brought a whole other sort of gaming to Sparks, Nevada, on-site for RageCon 2022, the Reno Area Gaming Expo! Three days of family-friendly tabletop gaming took place at the Nugget Casino Resort, and DCC, MCC, OAR, 3PP, and more were there in the Goodman Games booth.

Folks took their chances with The Chained Coffin, went up Against the Atomic Overlord, and tumbled through a Hole in the Sky. Hopefully, Lady Luck (middle name: Burn) smiled on all of them!

And no less a celebrity than R2-D2 hung out in the neighborhood of Lankhmar all weekend. Even droids from a long time ago and far, far away know quality when they see it.

We’d like to thank Newt and the entire RageCon team and volunteers for making the convention run smoothly all weekend for all in attendance. Hope to see you there next year, Reno Area gamers!

Author: pandabrett

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