Missed Free RPG Day? Never Fear!

Free RPG Day 2022 was amazing! We want to thank all of you who made it into your FLGS and picked up the latest and greatest from all of your favorite publishers—including Goodman Games! We not only had the two books created just for the day—Danger in the Air for DCC RPG by Michael Curtis, and Fifth Edition Fantasy: The Three-Wizard Conundrum for 5E by Mihailo Tesic—but two additional books that you were able to purchase as well: Fifth Edition Fantasy #20: One Night in the Sinister Citadel and DCC #101: The Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen.

But we do realize that not everyone was able to find a store near them that was participating in this year’s event, and we have good news for you.

We will have PDF versions of both of the Free RPG Day releases available in late July! You’ll be able to purchase them from any of the online sites that carry Goodman Games releases, so keep an eye out!

And if you are really wanting a print version, we hope to be offering any leftover print copies for sale sometime after Gen Con. We won’t know until then how many—or if there are any—print copies left, but as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to share that with everyone!

Once again, thank you for an amazing Free RPG Day! And it’s already less than a year until the next one!

Author: pandabrett

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