Pregenerated Characters for Free RPG Day!


Now is the time to prep for the event, and to help out, we’ve put together a set of pre-generated characters that can be used with our release for 5E, The Three Wizard Conundrum! This is the perfect way to be ready to go for the game on Saturday!

We haven’t forgotten about characters for DCC: Danger in the Air, either! Since it’s a 0-level funnel, we recommend going over to the Purple Sorcerer Tools site and generating a slew of characters that can be handed out to your players!

Free RPG Day, June 25th, is a day-long celebration of our favorite hobby, with an emphasis on local players and game stores connecting with one another and bringing the fun of RPGs out from the dining room table and into the public space of your FLGS.

You can find the closest participating store over at the Free RPG Day website! And we’ll see you all this Saturday for Free RPG Day!

Free RPG Day 2022

Download the pre-gen characters for the 2022 Free RPG Day release, The Three Wizard Conundrum! And generate some 0-levels for DCC: Danger in the Air, as well!

Three Wizard Conundrum pre-gens

Generate your zero-level characters for Danger in the Air using the Purple Sorcerer tools.

Author: pandabrett

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