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Return to the multiverse where merchants dwell! It’s time to explore the Mysteries of the Multiverse!

Mysteries of the Multiverse is the follow-up to the hit Merchants of the Multiverse zine from Dragon Peak Publishing. Not only does it expand upon the offerings from the original book, but it also presents a brand-new 1st-level adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics!

Here are some details on each book, straight from the Kickstarter:

Tribal Seekers wander the wilds to discover ancient artifacts and valuable resources to bring back to their communities. They cross through acid jungles, dodging sentient strobe-lights. Bandits with mutagenic mustaches chase them across the photonic desert, only giving up the chase to take shelter from a passing nega-storm. This zine makes your post-apocalyptic game come alive! While it is created for Mutant Crawl Classics, it is easily adaptable to use with other post-apocalypse or science-fantasy systems and settings.


  • 48 pages of gameable content, beautifully illustrated by Boson Au and J.E. Shields
  • Designed for Mutant Crawl Classics, but usable with any OSR or OSR-adjacent game
  •  A brand new level 1 adventure titled: And Now, Our Feature Presentation!
  • Planar travel adventure hooks for 10+ different DCC/MCC settings
  • Info for different geographical regions, the strange anomalies and weather that affects them, and how these regions influence mutations
  • Mutagenic mustaches and tech toupees
  • Generators for strange communities, dangerous ruins, dangerous bandits, and traveling the world of Terra A.D

And here are some comments from writer Stefan Surratt:

The motivation for Mysteries of the Multiverse came from my love of hexcrawls and pointcrawls, but finding very little of that type of content for post-apocalyptic settings. I began filling in these gaps for my own home campaign. Later I expanded on that material and created Merchants of the Multiverse, but I didn’t feel like the job was done.

This zine stands alone, but expands on the contents from Merchants. That zine offered weird merchants, tons of new artifacts, and some quick generators for trade and travel. This one offers generators for strange settlements and civilizations, as well as quick rules for creating dangerous ruins. There’s also new content for weather events and different geographical regions. The goal was to create generators and guidelines so a judge can quickly prepare or even improvise both the journey and the destination.

Head on over to their Kickstarter and show some love right now! They’ve already cleared their first stretch goal, and are looking to add on many more! Support Mysteries of the Multiverse by Dragon Peak Publishing for MCC RPG today!

Author: pandabrett

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