Exclusive Jennell Jaquays Son of Set for Dark Tower Kickstarter Backers!

It’s the final day of the Kickstarter for OAR #7: Dark Tower—but that doesn’t mean we’re out of surprises!

As you all know, the mighty Jennell Jaquays created, wrote, designed and illustrated the original Dark Tower release. That was 42 years ago. And today, she has agreed to return to the Dark Tower!

Jennell has designed a new Son of Set! This will be included only with the Kickstarter edition of this product. We’re planning a small folio that will be packaged with both the DCC and 5E sets. If your friends are on the fence, please ask them to back the Kickstarter today! In fact, show them this update. Allow us to present: Amokh Mekht – Lesser Son of Set!

Jennell’s sketch of Amokh Mekht. Not final artwork.

Amokh Mekht is also known as “The Mountain in the Desert,” “The Ancient Wanderer,” “Old Jangles,” and “Soul Thief.”

Amokh Mekht may be one of the original Chosen Sons of Set. They “died” or were defeated by another Lesser Son of Set long, long ago, losing their Chosen Status. That death, long, long before the battle between the White and Dark Towers in Redmoon Pass, cost them some of their inherent powers, but in their new incarnation, they gained different ones. Like their other lesser brethren, Amokh plots and schemes to become one of the Chosen Sons, the powerful demonic beings who serve their evil “father.”

Amokh Mekht is a gargantuan, two-legged humanoid with a single hydra-like head which sits atop a snaky neck. Their muscular scaled body blends into the stony wastes of their desert home. They have but a single, glowing cyclopean eye. Yet, with all that, their most distinctive feature might be the web of heavy studded dragon hide straps crisscrossing their body. The straps provide extra armor, but their real purpose is a foundation for the countless bits of archaic golden jewelry, gold-decorated weapons, ancient gold coins, fragments of gold-plated armor, and battered shields. The massive golden sword Amokh Mehkt wields and many of these jangling golden bits are the vessels to which captured saints are attached. They have been taken as prizes over the centuries.

…and there is more. But you’ll have to wait for the final release to read it all! We were all blown away at the imagination behind Amokh Mekht and we think you backers will be too.

OAR #7: Dark Tower will be a slipcased 3-book set, collecting old and new material. Volume 1 reprints the original module with introductions and historical commentary. Volume 2 is the 5E rules conversion of the original adventure, Dark Tower. And volume 3 is an entirely new series of adventures entitled The Chosen Sons of Set, building on the concepts presented in the original Dark Tower publication.

Ranked by Dungeon magazine as one of the top 30 adventure modules of all time, Goodman Games is proud to be working with Jennell Jaquays to bring her classic adventure to life for a whole new audience.

And you can be part of that audience! The hours are counting down as the sand slips through the hourglass, so don’t delay! Join us at the Dark Tower Kickstarter and bring the desert to new life!

Author: pandabrett

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