New In The Online Store: Tribal Games + Dice Restock

There’s a new module in our online store that is designed to test the limits of your Mutant Crawl Classics characters—and determine a champion!

Tribal Games – Tournament of Champions is the new re-playable module for characters of all levels. There’s even an option to run it as a 0-level funnel for your MCC game!

We’ve also just re-stocked two popular dice sets: DCC Glow Dice – Chaotic Wizard and Dungeon Crawl Classics Maned Wyrm Dice. It’s the perfect time to order them to go along with your new module!

Let’s look at the details!

Tribal Games – Tournament of Champions – Print + PDF

Mutant Crawl Olympics. Fast, fun, and flexible series of contests, testing your PCs against NPCs and/or PvP.

The Tribal Games – Tournament of Champions are a series of events where the players can test their PCs against each other as well as NPCs from other tribes. This thematically correct scenario provides any GM with some added variety to an otherwise normal, post-apocalyptic series of campaigns. 

It can be used as an adventure module unto itself or in-between running campaign adventure modules. Twenty-eight pages of content, including scenario descriptions, detailed event mechanics, read-aloud text, tons of suggested hooks and story plots, and optional rule sets to convert the games into a 0-level funnel or a con tournament. It also includes individual event worksheets and scorecards to help the GM run their Tournament of Champions.

Back in Stock

Two dice sets are back in stock in our online store! Our dice sets are always very popular, and with one of these sets being a glow-dice set, you never know how long these will be around! Grab a set today to go with your Tribal Games: Tournament of Champions module!

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