New In The Online Store: Moon Mutants Zine #4

Let’s go back…TO THE MOOOOOOON!

The fourth issue of the Moon Mutants zine has arrived! Beginning the second trilogy of adventures, this new issue contains not just a module, but also supplemental material to enhance your DCC RPG campaign!

Let’s look at the details!

Moon Mutants – Issue #4

Moon Mutants is a zine for DCC RPG continuing the tradition of Crawling Under a Broken Moon.

Moon Mutants issue #4 begins ‘trilogy two’ of the Moon Mutants saga, and the major themes will be dungeon exploration and adventuring. Six centuries after the apocalypse on Urth, mysterious forces have begun resurfacing from the moon’s scab-like crust. Readers will astound their senses within the pulsing, dank dungeons and vaunted vaults of the Mutant Moon.

A new class is introduced: The Fabricator. Also introduced: Tunneling vehicles and rules for underground vehicular burrowing. Monsters, anomalies, a new dungeon adventure, 30 new lunar professions, and a brief lexicon of blasterfighter lingo are also included.

Author: pandabrett

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