Road Crew Adventure Of The Month Freebies Continue!

Very recently we announced the Adventure of the Month program for members of our Road Crew. But in addition to the already existing perks for Judges running our May-June Adventure, we’re also offering Road Crew members a FREE sticker for DCC #79: Frozen in Time! It’s now available in our online store, but only for members of the Road Crew — while supplies last of course!

The Goodman Games Road Crew is a fantastic way to earn amazing perks for running your favorite game. Those perks take the form of free swag, discounted (or free) modules, Roadworthy Profiles (for fame and fortune, of course), exclusive online gatherings, and soon exclusive in-person gatherings at cons!

Getting those perks is easier than ever. When you join the Road Crew, you get access to an exclusive members-only section of the online store. It includes special Road Crew swag and other goodies that appear from time to time, including the Adventure of the Month and more.

And now, in addition to all the great freebies Road Crew are already eligible for, the new Adventure of the Month program will allow all Road Crew running our Adventure of the Month to not only get a FREE PDF of Frozen in Time (or whichever Adventure it will happen to be for future months), as well as a free sticker for themselves and stickers for their players, they will also get a discount for the print edition of the module. There’s never been a better time to join the Road Crew.

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