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Olfacies mare et caelum senties. Fiat anima tua et spiritus tuus!

The sea beckons! And not just the surface, either! Mare Nostrum is the newest release in the Pax Lexque campaign setting for DCC RPG, taking your adventures beneath the waves to encounter the wonders that the sea may hold!

And you can now hold your own copy, as it is now available for order from our online store!

Let’s look at the details!

Mare Nostrum – Print + PDF

The campaign world of Pax Lexque extends to under the sea.

Five underwater realms are detailed in this volume, with their history, geography, politics and religion. 

Also included are ten new spells and four new classes: Aquatic Elf, Chapod, Deep Hunter, and Merfolk. An adventure for this setting is included in the latter part of this book. In Mother of Pearls, the king of the aquatic elves, King Ascal, has been attacked by a race of fish-men known as the ichtharians. The party must find the king’s crown and deal appropriately with the thieves.

This book is an expansion to the Pax Lexque campaign world, but may be applied to other worlds.

Author: pandabrett

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