Watch The Tournament of Pigs DCC Funnel Unboxing Video!

The new third-party DCC Boxed Set Adventure Tournament of Pigs is now available in our online store! And not only that, but they’ve also crafted their own special DCC Judge’s Screen meant for use with this zero-level epic-sized module! It’s a massive way to kill off begin the life of a plethora of characters!

That’s right! This boxed set is an impressive 0-level funnel! And the box is so packed full of fun, that the folks over at Weird Works put together a special unboxing video to show you everything that comes inside.

Tournament of Pigs is an adventure module boxed set that has players taking the role of commoners trapped in a medieval game show competition. The twelve events test luck and skill, but also creativity and improvisation. Do you think you can cook a cake good enough for the king? How good are you at wrestling greased piglets? Can you outrun an aberration while tied to another hapless contender?

Check out the video below, and then head over to our online store to grab your own copy of DCC Boxed Set Adventure Tournament of Pigs today!

Author: pandabrett

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